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“Empowering Youths, Sustaining Communities”

YTS is an independent organization that has been designed to not only give a voice, but make sure that the voice of our country’s springtide are heard in the right places to implement proper policy changes. We are a Non Government Organization that do not identify with any political parties of the country. The history of operations of our organization goes back to 2014; in this short duration, we believe that the opportunities for change that we have provided are greater than we ever anticipated while founding this organization. Our organization focuses on leadership development and capacity building of youth through active engagement and participation. Our fundamental aim is to empower young minds by facilitating intellectual and proactive mediums and channelize their acquired skills to support the local community. Furthermore, we strongly believe that youths are the catalyst of change in the society, and today as the world has grown into a global village, we at YTS envision establishing networks for youths to exchange their ideas, knowledge and goodwill across borders and become a responsible global citizen.

Brain drain has been a major hurdle in Nepal’s development for years. We at YTS have recognized this problem as a big hurdle in our country’s development. Taking our organizational model from successfully run youth organizations around the world, we are here to make a difference using the innovative, creative ideas of our youth that the country has missed out on for years. Our organizations primary goal is to make sure that the youth of our country get a proper platform to voice their problems and solutions to such problems in an organized manner that allows them to get a chance to finally make the difference they have always wanted. The founding members of the organization plan to make use of their diverse network of youth connections to help make a difference in a positive way.

YTS is borne out of dreams we dared to see, visions we risked to envisage and aspirations we hold. We were curious to see what lay in the oblivion; we took the challenge and treaded on unchartered territory because we could not wait for opportunities to knock on our doors. Impelled in the vast world of obstacles, little by little, we created opportunities for ourselves and for youth like us. Our doors are open for youth brimming with energy and creativity determined to break stereotypes and explore the possibilities this global world has to offer.

If you have an idea and if you are willing to take lead, YTS is the right place for you. Share your plan with us and we will give share our pool of human and technical resources to flourish your ideas. Each Leader would have an expert to mentor her/his project- development, management and implementation of their strategy solely falls upon the Leader. True leaders have a vision, share that vision and have the ability to inspire others to support your vision while creating their own. If you are bold enough to dream and brave enough to enterprise it, YTS is the right place for you.

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