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BTP-2015 is a Training Program designed to socially and economically empower youth organized by Youth Thinkers’ Society (YTS) in collaboration with Redmud Coffee Pvt Ltd. YTS launches fully-funded Barista Training Program which will pave a way for youth to earn a livelihood out of this skill. This training is open to all the interested young population from the underprivileged sector of our society where financial constraints have deterred them from opting for such courses.

The primary objective of this Training Program is to open doors for employment opportunities by connecting skilled human resources to domestic job market. We aim to dissuade Nepalese youth from flocking to foreign lands for greener pastures through job creation in the local market. It is a skill development training opportunity which would enable the trainees to enterprise similar ventures later on.

After the completion of this Training course, trainees will get a platform to showcase their skill at Redmud Coffee Pvt. Ltd. They will get an opportunity to work at Redmud and gain experience and knowledge from experienced Baristas.

Program Design:

The Program is divided into two phases:
  1. Initial Screening Process: Applications will be evaluated based on the forms they submit online.
  2. In-person Interview: The shortlisted candidates will be called for an interview and screened accordingly
  • Dates: From 30th July, 2015 to 13th September, 2015.
  • Venue: Redmud Coffee Pvt. Ltd, Jawalakhel.
  • Age group: Above 18
  • Seats Available: 10 interested and enthusiastic youth will receive this training from professional Baristas.


The selection process will not be bias on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, cast and academic qualification. However, we hold full rights to take affirmative action towards socially disadvantaged groups.

YTS holds final rights in selecting the applicants which is not subject to public disclosure.

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