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Vacancy Announcement (YTS-408)

Youth Thinkers' Society (YTS) is a youth led organization established in 2014. It is a nonprofit non- governmental and an independent organization registered under The Social Welfare Act, 1992. YTS is established with the aim of enhancing leadership development and capacity building of youth through active engagement in participation.

The principle objective of YTS is to empower the youth resourcefully, fundamentally and academically, by facilitating and organizing intellectual capacity building and interactive programs in congruence to the standard set by the international community. Irrespective of geographical boundaries, the initiative emphasizes on the importance of communication and networking as an integral part of today’s globalized life, which connects young change makers from different parts of the world.

YTS envisions positive change in the society by realization spurred within us about the importance of being a responsible youth and the craftsmen of the future. It is an organization that is crystallized out of dreams and visions that were once an opinion; it emerged from the continuous struggle for a better society, a thinkers’ society where constructive criticism and creative destruction is encouraged. The enthusiasm of innovative youths with determination of achieving the set goals of a prosperous and peaceful society has led YTS to confirm and encourage the sincere endeavor and ability to carve a path that exposes the young generation to international diplomacy. Traces of our works assure us to firmly believe in the immense potential of the youth of our society.

EIMUN is a platform for students and young professionals from different parts of the world to discuss the prominent issues and events of the world. The delegates participating in the conference come together with the vision of contributing to the resolution of different issues through dialogue, debate and discussions. The delegates from various backgrounds discuss passionately providing individual insights, which enhances compassionate coactions on the world agendas. The conference significantly is a symposium to collaborate, draw solutions from different parts of the region and to take back knowledge, ideas and connections to their respective regions. The intellectual fest aims at channelizing the strength of influential young minds to project the immense potential to be the problem solvers by understanding varied dynamics of different issues.
EIMUN has following objectives:

  1. Intellectual capacity building.
  2. Enhance public speaking, debating and leadership skills.
  3. Cultural integration amongst domestic and international youth.
  4. Hub for innovative solutions to resolve global issues.

YTS seeks for following respective Posts :

To Apply

  • 1) Kindly send us your updated CV at
  • 2) Application deadline 20th August, 2017.
  • 3) After the first round of screening process, shortlisted candidates will be contacted for a second round of screening held through in-person interview.
  • Contact Us : 9849711222, Subekshya Pokharel Freedom.

    Terms of Reference

    Post Title: Director for fund raising, Public Relations Officer, Human Resources Officer, Communication Officer, Outreach and workshop Officer, Finance Officer, Interns (4)

    Project Title: Everest International Model United Nations

    Duty Location: Youth Thinkers' Society, Kupondole, Lalitpur

    Duration: 6 months with option to extend

    Interns: 3 months.

    Responsible to: Staffs will be responsible to Co-founder, Mr. Chewan Rai and interns will be responsible to their respective supervisor.


    YTS through EIMUN expects creating a strong network of young leaders from South Asian Region, increasing future international co-operation to tackle regional issues with further interconnectedness across the region. The learning, practice and improvement of various skills key to academic, professional and social success such as public speaking, writing, negotiating, debating and compromising will enhance the self –confidence of the youth, thus giving them access to further prestigious and remarkable academic and professional opportunities. It also hopes recognition of participants as qualified, experienced and resourceful students with a strong understanding of a range of international socio-political issues from diverse perspectives.


    YTS will form an Organizing Committee (OC) comprised of more than 15 youth from various backgrounds. The OC will work in close coordination and supervision with/from our full paid time staffs. They are Project coordinator,Fund Raising Director, Public Relations Officer, OC Coordinator, Communication Officer and Outreach and Workshop officer. Team of 20 members will work together for more than 6 months to organize EIMUN 2018.

    Thus YTS seeks strong and competent professionals for the following post:

    1) Public Relations Officer:

    Key Responsibilities:

    Plan publicity strategies and campaigns for developing MUN culture in Nepal.
    Write and produce press releases when in need.
    Deal with inquiries from the public, the press, and related organizations.
    Organize promotional events such as press conferences, open days, exhibitions, tours and visits, speaking publicly at interviews, press conferences and presentations
    Analyze media coverage and link it to the objectives of MUN.
    Intern responsible to Public Relations Officer:

    Key Responsibilities:

    Assist in raising developing plans and campaigns for developing MUN culture in Nepal.
    Prepare and edit texts for news releases, feature articles, briefing notes, Questions & Answers (Q&A) and public position papers and other materials for use in the media and distribution to the public, educational institutions, non-governmental agencies and donors.
    Profile top public relations firms, media outlet and production personnel who can support YTS with publications and advertising opportunities.
    Assist in managing/coordinating the promotional events such as press conferences, open days, exhibitions, tours and visits, speaking publicly at interviews, press conferences and presentations.
    Assist in performing other related tasks as required.

    2) Human Resource Officer:

    Key Responsibilities:

    Guide and co-operate with the Organizing Committee (OC) to develop better strategies for conducting MUN.
    Select committee members, allocate their duties and responsibilities and deal with inter-personal conflicts if arise within the members.
    Allocate specific key focal persons for the Organizing Committee (OC) members.
    Coordinate with OC meetings and call for regular OC meetings, management and distribution of meeting content and documents, manage minutes and to provide regular reports about the agenda discussed in the meetings to the co-founder as well.
    Develop an efficient and competent HR structure and work together to meet the objectives and goals of MUN.
    Intern responsible to Human Resource Officer:

    Key Responsibilities:

    Support HR & Admin team with various tasks as needed.
    Assist and coordinate induction meetings/events OC meetings, management and distribution of meeting content and documents, manage minutes etc.
    Provide regular reports about the agenda discussed in the meetings to the co-founder as well.
    Effective support on ad-hoc projects such as conferences, workshops and departmental activities.
    Perform other office duties as needed.

    3) Communication Officer:

    Key Responsibilities:

    Monitor National and international media and to update YTS staff about any media coverage relevant to EMUN.
    Identify media opportunities and, in close liaison with YTS partners, plan and implement media events including press releases, report launches and press conferences.
    Develop strategies for partnerships and maintain directory of partners and supporters in the field of information and communication media.
    Develop contents for the website, maintain and update the contents of the website for easy flow of information.
    Be responsible for the compilation and finalization of the narrative report.
    Intern responsible to Communication Officer:

    Key Responsibilities:

    Assist with the preparation and production of communication materials, including brochures, newsletters and publications.
    Update the YTS social media pages on a regular basis with relevant material, highlighting key events and achievements.
    Assist in conducting of any campaigns and events the Communications Unit undertakes.
    Assist in planning and implementing new initiatives ‐ Assist in writing press releases and feature articles related to activities/events.
    Assisting for developing strategies for partnerships and maintain directory of partners and supporters in the field of information and communication media.
    Assist the Communications Unit with any other duties as may be assigned.

    4) Outreach and Workshop Officer

    Key Responsibilities:

    Plan all the communication and outreach materials for the ToT program of EIMUN.
    Conduct regular close and open workshops and communicate and facilitate the trainers.
    Work with partners to determine the need for, and, as necessary, design and implement a youth mobilization campaign for EIMUN.
    Coordinate with co-founder and OC committee for designing training of trainers (ToT) curriculum.
    Assist in regular reports as required by EIMUN project.
    Intern Responsible to Outreach and Workshop Officer

    Key Responsibilities:

    Assist with planning of YTS outreach activities and events.
    Support the development of mapping and preparation of outreach materials for ToT program of EIMUN.
    Prepare briefing notes on strategic partners and potential and promote YTS events and campaigns within their local communities.
    Assist in regular reports as required by EIMUN project.
    Assist the Outreach Unit with any other duties as may be assigned.

    5) Fundraising Director:

    Key Responsibilities:

    Develop a Fundraising Strategy by working closely with the other staffs in order to identify the required fund targets and develop strategies to meet up the target. The strategies may include: mapping, lobbying and actual applying for funds.
    Develop proposal for stronger donor ship and identify the relevant donors. Donors may include Public and government parties, UN agencies, Banks and Corporate firms etc.
    Report the fund raising progress to the Co-founder of YTS and provide regular updates in meetings as well.
    Develop a mechanism to tackle funding priorities and needs for sustainable approach according to the project objectives and donor interests.

    6) Finance Officer:

    Key Responsibilities:

    Preparing budgets, following up on funding progress and relationships, establishing partnerships with potential donor organizations or governments.
    Review all invoices for finances related to EIMUN.
    Prepare budgets for various donor proposals and subsequent implementation reports based on year marked and activity specific costs.
    Manage cost accounting records and monitoring of the budget implementation of the program.
    Process payment of salaries, allowances, travel claims and other payments to secretariat staff, vendors and other claimants;.
    Organize funds transfer to Youth Thinkers' Society.
    Maintain cash books for reconciliation with bank statements, including control of disbursements and balancing of books and ledgers.
    Carry out the accounting of bank papers for monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports.
    Manage bills and financing requests and prepare payment orders.
    Follow up budget and financial aspect of all transactions and expenses made any other financial duties as assigned by the Executive Director of Youth Thinkers' society.

    Degree of expertise and Qualifications (1,2,3,4,5,6)

    1. 1) At least a Bachelor degree or equivalent related to Social Sciences and Management or equivalent.
    2. 2) Personal flexibility and high motivation.
    3. 3) Good communication and excellent reporting skills in Nepali and English.
    4. 4) Good skills in Microsoft Office.
    5. 5) Experience in externally-funded projects and working in teams.

    Degree of expertise and Qualifications Interns

    1. 1) Must be enrolled in a final year of University program or pursuing a Master’s program with plans to return to school in full-time capacity.
    2. 2) Highly organized and self-motivated
    3. 3) Demonstrated ability to do research
    4. 4) Creativity, flexibility and ability to work within deadlines
    5. 5) Maturity, initiative, tact and high sense of responsibility
    6. 6) Demonstrated ability to work in a team


    Qualified candidates are requested to submit a cover letter, CV to with subject line by 20th August 2017. Please indicate your ability, expected monthly salary and availability to undertake the terms of reference above. Applications submitted without an expected monthly salary will not be considered.

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