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11:56 AM - when time stood still and the world shook ruthlessly. It was the longest minute we Nepalese went through and the nights that followed were our darkest hours. As with ever dusk there is dawn, with every collapse there is an opportunity to build better. YTS has been conducting rescue and relief operations in various affected parts of Nepal. The future of Nepal lies in the hands of Youths and we humbly call upon all the Youths, borders and nationalities no bar, to join in our endeavour to rebuild, reconstruct and reintegrate Nepal and its people. You do not need superpowers to succor the distressed; all you need is a heart. Every Contribution Counts

Medical Camp at Khokana, Lalitpur

We conducted medical camps in Different areas of Khokana, Lalitpur.

All together, 4 Doctors, 8 Nurses, and 23 Volunteers were in the team which conducted one Medical Base Camp and two other mobile medical camps for victims who couldn't come to our Med Base Camp on their own.

400+ people from 100+ families benefited from the camps. We provided health check up and medicines along with surgical masks, and biscuits.

Initially we headed towards Devichour VDC after receiving information of massive injuries, infections and lack of medics and medical supplies from the District Health Officer Office of Lalitpur and Health Post Officer of the same VDC. We were ready to conduct medical camps for the entire village but after we reached there, we couldn't find a single person who was in need of health care. The HPO of the VDC deceived us in order to get a free ride back home and later when we asked him why he did so, he threatened to vandalize our vehicles and also took half of the medical supplies. Given the remoteness of that village we could do nothing but get back helplessly. We are filing a complain against him tomorrow.

We received in total, 104378.96 (One Lakh Four Thousand Three Hundred Seventy Eight Rupees and Ninety Six Paisa). Sony Gurung has/had been collecting funds online to help the earthquake victims and the aforementioned fund is the total amount collected from our benevolent donors till date plus personal savings of Sony herself. Thank you Sony. All the funds will be used for buying medical supplies and items to support sanitation and hygiene.

Today's expenses

Surgical masks 1400*5- 7000 Rupees
Biscuits - 13725 Rupees
Micro Bus Hire - 4000 Rupees
Medical supplies were purchased from the contribution of our volunteers and team members.

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3 Medical camps at Chymasingh and Golmati- 7, Bhaktapur

3 Medical Camps were conducted in Chymasingh and Golmati- 7, Bhaktapur. Three medical teams consisting of Doctors, Nurses and Volunteers provided health check up services along with Medicine, Masks and Sanitary items distribution. All together, 400+ people benefited from health service camps and 1000+ masks were distributed.

Today's expenses

32331 for medicines, water and sanitary items.
(Drop box link for bills )
4500 for Micro Bus Hire!

List of our benevolent Donors-

- Francine de Boer- £50
- S Gurung - £50
- Chris Le Bas - £20
- Lenny Hsu- £10
- Shikha Rai - £10
- Imran Basha- £10
- Gurung Eran and Menuca Rai- £50
- Gurung N- £50
- F/Flow Miss Rai Kr £84.53
- Lawrence Straw - £20
- Manisha Thapa- £40
- Sony Gurung and Sony Gurung- £260.47
- Hensun BK- $150
- Ajaya Joshi- $100
- Rivant Rokaya- Rupees 5786 (as medicinal supply).

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Medical camps in Jagati, Bhaktapur.

Two medical camps were conducted today in Jagati, Bhaktapur.

6 Doctors, 9 Nurses and 37 Volunteers participated in conducting the med camps which was successful in providing 400+ Earthquake affected victims (Mostly Children and Elderly) free medical services, medical supplies and sanitary supplies.

Today's Expenses

Medicines - 41000+ 2475+1401+ 4340
Micro Bus Hire- 5000

Funds received-

1) Rashmi Tuladhar- $500
2) Anjupa Kayastha- $200

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Medical Camp conducted at Palikhel, Bhaktapur

Medical Camp focusing on post traumatic stress, injuries and communicable disease was conducted in Palikhel, Bhaktapur today. 150+ elderly people availed medical services and in addition our Volunteers engaged in interactive awareness raising programs with the locals in regard to sanitation and hygiene. Surgical Masks were distributed to more than 700 people.

Our Mentor Ms. Meenakshi Dahal, Sarah Shrestha-Howlett and the team spent their time playing, interacting and story telling the affected children in different safety shelters and camps. We will be conducting similar Children oriented activities in days to come. We are in need of volunteers who can contribute in this regard.

Two team members traveled to different affected areas of Kavrepalanchowk and Sindhupalchowk to conduct survey and also distribute masks. We will be conducting medical camps in these districts in days to come along with distribution of relief materials. We are looking for other organisations/teams to collaborate to make our effort more effective.


Medicine- 3000+4600+5740
Educational Material - 2330
Transportation- 4000+3500+1400

Today's Expenses

- Alok Pokharel- 20,000.
- 250 Masks - Ashutosh Aggarwal, Pratik Agrawal and Shivani Mishra.
- 600 Masks + 5 Water Purifier- Laxmi Thapa Magar and Family.
- A box of medicines- Reema Rigby
- Medicines- Marleymen SB Shrestha

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Interaction with parents and their children (Bhaktapur)

Meenakshi Ma'am, who led the team of 8 Volunteers to Bhaktapur shares her experience, "It was a wonderful day where we engaged and interacted with parents and their children together. We went to 7 shelters in different areas of Bhaktapur and provided the Children with creative playing and educational materials. Children sang songs, made pictures, played balls, puzzles additionally there was a brief story telling session and story sharing session.

Parents were also overjoyed seeing their children enjoying. We also supported parents for positive parenting during emergencies.

We would like thank ICRI for donating educational and recreational materials for the children."

The team also distributed Surgical masks and Sanitary supplies to the affected people.

Today's Expenses

4000 for Micro Bus Hire.

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Orientation and training program for School Teachers in Chymasingh, Bhaktapur

Our Mentor Ms. Meenakshi Dahal, conducted an orientation and training program for School Teachers in Chymasingh, Bhaktapur.

42 Teachers from 14 different Schools (both Private and Public) took part in the training, where special emphasis was given on the role of Teachers in post disaster period in helping the Children (students) overcome the post disaster trauma and related problems. As schools are set to reopen (after the Directive issued by the Government to resume Schools), it is the teachers who can help these Children overcome the post traumatic effects and it is imperative that they (teachers) receive proper orientation and training as to how or which approach will be the best.

On the same day ..

Relief Materials collection and packing were done today! These supplies (Medicinal, Sanitation, Hygiene, Food and Water) will be sent to Rasuwa or Nuwakot District's most affected areas.

Four of our team members are in Nuwakot today. They will contact the Local Authorities and obtain required permission and also coordinate with Local people.

All Expenses

1500 for Mirco Bus Hire.

Funds received-

-8208 Hong Kong Dollar- Project 977 Rebuild Nepal Donors ( Than you Eunice Faithand the Team)-
(we are yet to collect the amount)
-29000 Nepalese Rupees - Bijay Niraula via Ramesh Sthapit.
-10,000 Nepalese Rupees- Our Respected Adviser - Sangeeta Thapa Ma'am.

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