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Everest International MUN(EIMUN)

Everest International Model United Nations 2015 Youth Thinkers’ Society organized the unprecedented international Model United Nations, Everest International Model United Nations (EIMUN) in October, 2014. EIMUN 2014 saw a participation of 150 youth from 8 different countries: Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanisthan, Chile, Kenya and The Netherlands. This year, EIMUN 2015 aims to have participation from 25 countries across the globe.

Model United Nations (MUN) exposes students to the intricacies of diplomacy at an early age. It is a preparatory school for future professionals to analyze such intricacies from a close proximity and learn the essentials first hand. Students learn to respect the opinions of others even if they are deviated from their own. The skills of balancing power, harmonizing diverse interests and conducing peaceful negotiations are assets of a quintessential successful diplomat, which the students will learn from this conference. In addition, MUN reinforces what students learn in classrooms. Students internalize what they have been taught in classrooms and project their ideas in forms of speeches, caucusing and resolutions. It enables students to test their knowledge against practical measures and explore novel pathways not subscribed in textbooks. This sense of independence confers responsibility in the students to use verifiable and qualitative information. Their presentations, arguments and dialogues need to be backed by authentic facts and data.

Thus, this conference demands students to immerse themselves in research, subsequently enhancing their ability to research with efficacy.

EIMUN 2015

EIMUN is aiming to engage at least 150 youths from different backgrounds and origins in reaching a consensus vision to tackle global issues by writing individual position papers which will be discussed, debated, evaluated and put into question to pass a resolution during the conference. At least five different United Nations Committees gathering delegates will enable the latter to discuss two different issues per Committee and strengthen their debating, leadership, governance, public speaking and writing skills by inviting them to write individual position papers and a single resolution to be passed by the committee. The national as well as international delegates will also be trained to deepen their knowledge on existing challenging global issues by engaging them in a reflection and interpretation on the treated issues through both a country’s and the student’s own perspective.

Expected Outcomes

YTS through EIMUN 2015 expects creating a strong network of young leaders hailing from all around the globe, increasing future international co-operation to tackle global issues with further interconnectedness across the world. The learning, practice and improvement of various skills key to academic, professional and social success such as public speaking, writing, negotiating, debating and compromising will enhance the self –confidence of the youths, thus giving them access to further prestigious and remarkable academic and professional opportunities. It also hopes recognition of participants as qualified, experienced and resourceful students with a strong understanding of a range of international socio-political issues from diverse perspectives.

Travelling beyond the border to compete in similar international programs is an expensive process, not affordable to many students. EIMUN 2015 intends to instill diplomatic skills in its participants. In addition to this, as an academic forum, we envision participants to carry forward this work and conduct similar conferences in the future. EIMUN will be a stage for sustainable intellectual stimulus which can be reflected in their academics.

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