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"Mitjyu"is a project jointly organised by Youth Thinkers' Society (YTS) and Southeast Asian Service Leadership Network (SEALNet). This project focuses on developing scalable innovative ideas for the rebuilding process in Tarigaun, Sindhuli, one of the rural villages that was affected by the earthquake in 2015. We see this 2-week project as a unique platform for youth leaders to connect and resolve difficult development challenges.

We have put together a diverse team of 14 youth leaders from all over Southeast Asia and Nepal with diverse academic backgrounds (Economics, Law, Architecture, Sociology, Community development, etc.) and work experiences. In 2-weeks, using design thinking methodologies, we will work on identifying existing problems, particularly in the rebuilding process, that the villagers in Tarigaun, Sindhuli are facing. During this process, we will be collecting insights through active communication with villagers, observation and more. Armed with these insights and working together with the community, we will then design sustainable solutions that answer their problems and needs. We will also build prototypes for the solutions and test them with the villagers.

To achieve most of this cross disciplinary platform the participants will be taken to an earthquake affected village called Tarigaun in Sindhuli which is yet to start its rebuilding process after the earthquake hit in 2015. The participants will be given 2 weeks time frame which they will use to interact, observe and collaborate with the villagers in improvising the already existing rebuilding procedures. We have divided this programme into two main parts; data collection and resolution. The date collection process will be held in the village, during this time period the participants will be hosted by the villagers at a local school. The data collection process will be conducted by following qualitative research method which involves active communication, observation and note taking. The participants will pay close attention to the ways and rules that the villagers follow to lead their lives and take notes of the necessary details that might help them to generate ideas that will be easily applicable in the village setting. After the data collection period, the participants will come back to Kathmandu and attend intense brainstorming sessions where they will analyze the collected data and work on developing a prototype which will be later introduced to the villagers for their approval.

This project is only the beginning of a long-term project with the village to help them become self-sustainable in the years to come. We don’t want the villagers to be dependent on external aid all the time. Instead of bringing money, we want to help them by transferring our knowledge and supporting any existing efforts they have. With this 2-week project, we are starting with the most basic necessity for the villagers - a safe place to live in. However, we don’t want to just stop here.

It is believed that this initiative creates a unique platform for next generation of ASEAN leaders to connect and resolve the most difficult development challenges through scaling resilience. With the successful compilation of this project, we anticipate achieving sustainable development procedures, ethical leaders, and strong human bonds.
We want to work more with the village’s youth development club. Some potential efforts include setting up solar powered computer labs, providing youths with computer training, educating them about entrepreneurship, introducing them to new agricultural advances and more.

The meaning behind "Mit Jyu"

Mit Jyu is a Nepali word which translates to “a sacred relation between two individuals that lasts a lifetime.” We use Mit Jyu because this project is made up of passionate changemakers coming from similar geographical landscape in South and Southeast Asia, though each with vastly different cultural backgrounds, passions, and aspirations. By connecting this group of service-driven people together to work on solving a challenging problem; we believe we will form deep and meaningful connections, fueled by a common core value to serve, that cannot be found elsewhere – a connection that will last a lifetime, just as the name of the project suggests.

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