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Model United Nations (MUN)

MUN is relatively a new concept in Nepal, limited to a few capital based premier schools. We at YTS has been working to break this elitist perspective by introducing MUN to broader masses of students from diverse backgrounds in Nepal. With this mission, on 2014 YTS under its umbrella project Everest International Model United Nations (EIMUN) organized the first international Model United Nations in Nepal. We saw participants coming from 8 different countries across continents. All participants had the opportunity to share a common platform to showcase their diplomatic, intellectual and public speaking skills.

EIMUN is an annual flagship project of YTS. EIMUN 2015 will be organized on the first week of October this year.

MUN Workshop

Since MUN is a new concept amongst the Nepalese students, YTS has been conducting a monthly MUN Workshop to make students from various schools familiar with the concept, rules of procedure and conduct of MUN.

Academic Competitions

We at YTS believes that intellectual stimulation can be enriched through active participations in scholarly competitions. YTS conducts debate competitions in both English and Nepali language, providing a stage for youths to voice their opinions in current issues and affaires. Similarly YTS conducts essay writing competitions amongst different age group on relevant social, economic, political and international issues.

Vocational trainings for youths

In the past decade, Nepal has been witnessing a huge surge in the increase of Nepalese migrant workers in the Middle East and other countries. We are observing a massive loss of young and skillful human resources in our country. YTS through its collaboration with various training institutions provides vocational trainings for young people to address unemployment and enhance their entrepreneurial skills. Our focus is on underprivileged youths and we train them with all expenses paid.

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