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According to Department of Immigration at Tribhuvan International Airport, every day we lose an average of 1500 youth to foreign labor markets. When the country is celebrating its position as the highest remittance-earner in South Asia, it has failed to recognize the shortage of human resources that has been brought about by youth opting to go to greener pastures in the past few decades.

To address youth unemployment, young people need to have access to training that is relevant to the needs of the labor market, establish links with businesses and find effective routes into employment. Social enterprising is an effective way to do this which facilitates young people to have access to the job market in an environment that puts their development at its heart – albeit with a commercial focus.

We, at YTS, aim to create job opportunities for our fellow youth to curb the problem of brain drain which has plagued Nepal since the past couple of decades. As an incentive for our country’s springtide to remain in their homeland, YTS has launched several training programs which will connect them to employment. We believe in innovative approaches to job creation for young people, highlighting in particular the need for greater cooperation across the private and public sectors. Ultimately, we want to develop youths’ potential to drive positive social change through using their creativity, business acumen and entrepreneurial prowess.

Barista Training Program:

Coffee business in Nepal has boomed in the past five years. The burgeoning demand for coffee has given employment to numerous youth as coffee shops can be found in every nook and cranny in Kathmandu. Similarly, other popular tourist destinations such as Pokhara and Chitwan see a booming market for coffee houses generating jobs for youth. The popularity of coffee houses is solely reliant upon the type coffee it serves and the variations it can provide- in another words, Baristas are the real game-changers of every coffee house. A skilled Barista has knowledge on coffee varietals from around the world, coffee processes, typical flavour profiles of coffee, coffee cultivation, espresso and brewing competency, machine knowledge and customer service.

Viewing the current scenario, YTS launches fully-funded Barista Training Program which will pave a way for youth to earn a livelihood out of their skill. This training is open to all the interested young population from the underprivileged sector of our society where financial constraints have deterred them from opting for such courses.

Program Layout:
  1. The training will be provided by experienced Coffee aficionados and professionals;
  2. Each trainee will be sponsored by a particular coffee house on need-based sponsorship;
  3. After the completion of the training program, the trainees will be given employment in the same coffee house that sponsored them;
  4. The trainees will have to at least intern for a month before becoming a salaried employee.

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